More Than a Mission (See also under Documentary)

A promotional trailer for the documentary “More Than A Mission: Stemming the Sex Trade in Angeles City” filmed, edited, and produced with colleague Cara Gillespie on location in Manila, Philippines.

The documentary premiered May 4th, 2017 on Pacific Lutheran University campus.



Outdoor Rec

Part of my position as the Marketing Assistant for Recreation at Pacific Lutheran University includes producing video content for the Outdoor Recreation program. The group offers trips to students as a way to explore the beauty of nature around them.

I filmed two of the trips to create a promotional video to air around campus.



Group Exercise

A second video produced for PLU Recreation. This video advertises for weekly on campus fitness programs called Group Exercise. Activities such as Zumba, yoga, and other forms of strength training fitness classes are offered.

The promotional video airs in buildings throughout campus.



What’s In with Outlets?

My writing communication course introduces various writing styles used in particular fields within communication. This includes broadcast and script writing. Our task was to choose a newsworthy topic and create a short video package to practice this technique.

For our topic, classmate Morgan Stark and I asked students to give their opinions about accessibility of electrical outlets around campus. We sought to uncover what was in with outlets.