Prices = Contract Services

As an established small business, Elise Ruth Anderson LLC offers a plethora of professional marketing and consulting services. Such areas of expertise include: extensive forms of photography, videography and production, graphic design (including logo designs, branding, and resume building), blogging, editorial, press release, and news writing, as well as general marketing such as campaigns, advertising, design, promotional products and materials, and social media content production and management.

Everything under the sun that pertains to the visual endeavors of your business is where I can confidently provide you major growth. Whether you’re looking for a one-time agreement or long-term services, I personally tailor to what your needs are. Baseline costs begin at $35/hr due to the expansive experience I offer.

For pricing, I bill an hourly rate unless otherwise agreed upon the signing of the contract. In cases of startups, not-for-profits, or businesses owned by minorities and/or Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), I adjust my rates to more easily meet your budgets and needs. I want to work with you to help your business succeed and help our community flourish.

Send me an inquiry on my Contact form! I’m happy to help with whatever you need!