Elise Ruth Anderson

Welcome! I am driven by a passion for creativity and innovative thinking. My exceptional strength is an innate aptitude for visual imagination. I harness this natural intuition by implementing an avant-garde approach to all my aesthetic endeavors.

I achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Pacific Lutheran University. I specialized in Public Relations and Advertising, while focusing my secondary studies in Hispanic Studies.

For two years I served as the Marketing Director for a private background screening company. During that time, I refined skills in B2B marketing, CRM platforms, social media management, and a plethora of different forms of content creation. I am now a small business owner and independently contract marketing services to small businesses to help aid growth in all their marketing aspects.

My professional talents include: photography, editorial writing, video and film making, graphic and digital design, social media, and advertising. However, I excel in developing expertise in all things I pursue. With such diverse specialties in the communication field, I originally branded new ERA media to establish my portfolio of freelance work. Since then, I have transitioned to Elise Ruth Anderson LLC, a digital media and marketing consulting business.

I am highly involved with a myriad of workplace settings and extracurricular activities in the communities around me. I thrive in leadership roles and team settings, constantly working to build an environment of positivism and cohesion. I promote social progress and empower individuals. I value positivity. These are my vocational passions that drive me towards an ambitious future to change the world.

Multi-Cultural Experiences


Manila, Philippines

After my fellow classmate Cara Gillespie submitted a proposal to our university’s Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability Fund, we received a grant to travel to the Philippines in January of 2017 to film a student produced documentary about human sex trafficking. We spent the month working alongside a Christian based organization, Wipe Every Tear, which is dedicated to restoring women who are trapped in the sex trade by providing them with safe housing, an education, and job training.

The film focuses on the unique communication strategies of the organization, while also utilizing feminist theory to share the story of one woman who was freed from the sex trade and given a new life. Together, Cara and I wrote, directed, edited, and produced the documentary as our senior capstone. The film premiered in May 2017.


Granada, Spain

I studied abroad in the southern part of Spain during the spring of 2016. During the immersive semester program I studied at the University of Granada’s Center for Modern Languages. I took language intensive courses such as: Development of Spanish Culture, Media and Communication in Spain, Transatlantic Dialogues, and an Applied Photography class. I gained exceptional proficiency of the language, both written and orally. The educational and personal experiences augmented my cultural awareness, adaptability, communication ability, and independence.


Orlando, Florida

The spring of 2015 I spent a semester long internship with the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World. Despite working full time as a Cast Member, I was enrolled in Disney-offered collegiate level courses such as Creativity and Innovation and Exploring Leadership. The internship taught me invaluable customer service skills and the experience of working for a Fortune 100 Company.

I also pursued my concerns for environmental activism. After persistently reaching out to the Director of Student Housing about the lack of available composting, I was invited to meet with the board of the Disney Environmentality Team to propose ideas and suggestions for more environmentally sustainable practices. As a result of such enthusiasm and engagement, the board asked that I become the first ever Student Representative for the Environmentality Team. In this role I strived to implement sustainable living practices for the students in the College Program as well as promote knowledge and awareness of environmentally friendly lifestyles.


Elise Ruth Anderson Resume 2023.jpg

See my full LinkedIn resume here!

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