Cocoa Beach, Florida

Featuring Justine McClure, Tierney Plasencia, and Madison Underwood, this short film captures a day at the beach. I filmed and edited this short video, attempting to capture creative angles and ways of filming. One clip is filmed through the lens of a pair of sunglasses, and another filmed through my partially detached camera lens to allow for an interesting lighting effect.

Filmed in Cocoa Beach, Florida to the song “Yeah You” by Freedom Fry.


What a Wonderful World

Co-produced with two other students, I entered this film into the 2012 Shulapalooza Film Festival. It won the Most Innovative Video Award at the Shulapalooza Film Festival, as well as the Superior Video Award at the Pierce County Media Educators Film Competition (2012).


Get Home

A close friend of mine, Emily Rathburn, and I traveled to Portland, Oregon in November 2014. I filmed (with help from Emily) and edited this music video we created in Portland to the song “Get Home” by Bastille.



A short, stop motion video displaying the basic five shot sequence; wide (establishing), medium, tight, over the shoulder, and other.


The Cup Song

Unfortunately, this is currently unavailable for viewing, but should be up soon!

I filmed and edited an original video of two teenage girls presenting their interpretation of “The Cup Song” from the 2012 film Pitch Perfect (original song “When I’m Gone” by the Carter Family in 1931). They simultaneously execute a synchronized cup routine while performing vocals and their harmonies. The video features a multitude of unique angles and pans.

I produced the video for submission in the 2013 Shulapalooza Film Festival. In 2015, we released the rights to this video to be used in the educational curriculum by the Department of Education in Queensland, Australia.