My Pocketful of Passport

John Muir once said, “The mountains are calling, and I must go.”

These famous words echo in my mind every so often (well, very often). Muir, a Nature Enthusiast, lived with an unquenchable thirst for exploration and adventure. This is both a mindset and lifestyle I eagerly hope to emulate.


January through May of this year, I took a daring adventure to discover a world entirely outside of my own. I spent January term and Spring semester abroad; studying Spanish in Granada, Spain. However, I seized this opportunity to travel as much as my bank account could afford. Outside of Spain, I visited England, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece and lastly, bridged continents to visit Morocco in Africa.

While I still heard the mountains calling me, their calls came in all shapes and sizes, and from far away places. I have never been so certain in feeling that I must go.

However, I realize updates to my professional portfolio have been minimal as of late. While I did not have an excess of opportunities to develop my portfolio/work experience over the past nine months, my passion for media and visual arts still found unexpected ways to help me grow professionally during my semester of exploration. Beyond the places, I explored things like imagination, creativity, and innovation. During the semester I became cognizant of a love for editorial and persuasive writing. I kept a blog entitled Pocketful of Passport to share my personal experiences/travels through writing and photography.

Maybe it’s not quite comparable to John Muir. Yet I value that my style is unique, if not slightly unconventional. I found my voice in writing.

The upcoming months will bring valuable opportunities as I prepare for life after graduation and move closer toward finding my vocation.

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