A smile to leave you speechless

Photos have the ability to capture the undeniable beauty of a person’s soul. I believe in this firmly, partly because the person being photographed can finally see his or herself in a new light.

So many people constantly think or say, “Oh this is such a bad photo of me.” But the best part of taking a photo of someone else is that I can produce tangible evidence to someone that it’s possible to not always have a bad photo.

Every single person is beautiful. Every single person deserves to have a photo that encompasses the beauty of his or her soul.

These are a few photos from Senior Kaitlyn Porter’s photo session. She is a Communication major with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising. Kaitlyn has the greatest, most genuine smile that it’s almost hard to express how uplifting it is to photograph her.

Her smile is radiantly beautiful. I was lucky to be able to capture it through a camera.

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