Can you hear the Wedding Bells?

Because I can hear them beautifully chiming. Love is in the air! And that means I’m ready to capture every sparkling moment of you and your loved ones.

Want to see more of Hannah and Kadin’s Pinterest-esque fall engagement photos? Click here. Or are you in the mood to see a few tear-jerking highlights from this summer’s wedding videos? Just take a quick click here. There’s more than enough love to go around.

A heartwarming video still from Brandon & Alexa’s wedding trailer

Are you looking for someone to capture some of life’s most precious and memorable moments? Is this too many rhetorical questions in one blog post?

Whether I’m on the guest list or behind the camera, I am here to help celebrate your love with you. I live for capturing your special moments in a way that can make those moments last forever.

I’m now featuring a Prices page for engagement photo sessions, wedding videos, and everything in between.

Seasons of Seniors

Portrait photography is easily one of my favorite kinds of photography. Smiles are one of human kind’s most breathtaking features, so there’s nothing I love more than capturing someone’s smile and laughter.

These are highlights from a few stunning seniors who graduated from Pacific Lutheran University this past spring. Looking for someone to take your own senior portraits? Contact me to schedule a photo session for fall, winter, spring, or summer. Every season is the season to look beautiful in front of a camera.

Philming in the Philippines

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.40.52 AM.png

I was recently offered the opportunity to produce a documentary with a fellow student and coworker of mine, Cara Gillespie. We are both in our senior year at Pacific Lutheran University and studying Public Relations and Advertising.

Cara was granted funding to travel to Manila in The Philippines to work alongside an organization called Wipe Every Tear which offers education and housing to women caught in the sex trade/human trafficking. The documentary follows the story of one woman and her journey toward a better life out of trafficking.

She asked me to partner with her to direct the documentary and I eagerly accepted. We have been filming on location in Quezon City for the last three weeks and are scheduled to return shortly before our final semester. The short will also serve as our culminating senior capstone project and premiere this spring. Feel welcome to follow our website, More Than A Mission, as we chronicle our personal journey of producing the film, face potential challenges, and learn more about the incredible people and culture here.

My Pocketful of Passport

John Muir once said, “The mountains are calling, and I must go.”

These famous words echo in my mind every so often (well, very often). Muir, a Nature Enthusiast, lived with an unquenchable thirst for exploration and adventure. This is both a mindset and lifestyle I eagerly hope to emulate.


January through May of this year, I took a daring adventure to discover a world entirely outside of my own. I spent January term and Spring semester abroad; studying Spanish in Granada, Spain. However, I seized this opportunity to travel as much as my bank account could afford. Outside of Spain, I visited England, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece and lastly, bridged continents to visit Morocco in Africa.

While I still heard the mountains calling me, their calls came in all shapes and sizes, and from far away places. I have never been so certain in feeling that I must go.

However, I realize updates to my professional portfolio have been minimal as of late. While I did not have an excess of opportunities to develop my portfolio/work experience over the past nine months, my passion for media and visual arts still found unexpected ways to help me grow professionally during my semester of exploration. Beyond the places, I explored things like imagination, creativity, and innovation. During the semester I became cognizant of a love for editorial and persuasive writing. I kept a blog entitled Pocketful of Passport to share my personal experiences/travels through writing and photography.

Maybe it’s not quite comparable to John Muir. Yet I value that my style is unique, if not slightly unconventional. I found my voice in writing.

The upcoming months will bring valuable opportunities as I prepare for life after graduation and move closer toward finding my vocation.

You are a tourist

Seattle’s leading alternative radio station 107.7 The End held their annual Deck the Hall Ball concert. The lineup included bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Cage the Elephant, Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon, and Alabama Shakes to name a few (or rather the ones I knew/enjoyed).

While the date of the concert was not very well timed in regards to schoolwork, I spent a significant portion of the time writing an essay and working on other assignments. All the while listening to some solid, alternative music performances.

These are a few photos I took while in Seattle. My favorite song performance of the night was ‘You are a Tourist’ by Death Cab for Cutie, a band based out of Capitol Hill in Seattle, Wash.

Intramurals scoring more than just goals

My final piece for the Mast newspaper at PLU, the link to the online article can be found here.


Pacific Lutheran University Recreation reached a major milestone this past month when named the PLU Intramural Sports Program among the top 50 best college intramural programs in the country.

Coordinator of Recreations Rob Thompson manages the campus exercise programs and finds new ways to engage the student body.

“Not only are we bringing more programs to the table, but each of these programs we’ve found a way to make unique,” Thompson said. “We are constantly adapting to improve the student experience from broadcasting our intramural softball championship game, to having intramural All Star games, to even keeping goal scoring statistics.”

Participation in intramural programs increased from 452 to 782 in the last three years. The 2014-15 academic year accounted for 782 members of the student body being involved in some way with an intramural sport.

“It has been incredible to watch the number of students participating continually grow and to see the positive attitude that the campus has about recreation activities,” Junior Cara Gillespie, an intramural regulator and social media marketing assistant, said.

PLU’s intramural program offers 38 leagues over the course of the school year. Adding to the variety of sports for spring semester is the introduction of inner tube water polo, which will serve to test the waters for the possibility of future aquatic based sports. The January term intramural season will offer soccer, volleyball, doubles pickle ball, basketball, coed basketball and dodge ball. Team rosters are due Jan. 7 by 3 p.m.

Recreation offers students to participate in exercise programs, including Outdoor Recreation, Club Sports Teams, Intramural Sports and Group Exercise. Each program provides students opportunity for fitness oriented activities and social engagement with other students

What’s in with outlets?

My writing communication course introduces various writing styles used in particular fields within communication. This includes broadcast and script writing. Our task was to choose a newsworthy topic and create a short video package to practice this technique.

For our topic, classmate Morgan Stark and I asked students to give their opinions about accessibility of electrical outlets around campus. We sought to uncover what was in with outlets.


Keeping me up all knight


Mast Media is bringing a brand new show to the air with this student run, live, late night comedy starring Sam Ellefson.

‘Late Knight’ is working hard to market and advertise among the students. The poster campaign mocked popular magazine covers.

My cover design mimicked Cosmopolitan. My attention to smaller details took far longer than I expected and to finish it I ended staying up all knight.